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March 30, 2008

Shout out to Francesca’s new friends

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Francesca has returned to her New York apartment from London, and what a wonderful time she had!

The meet-and-greet was a success! Two other Big Girls came, and a wonderful Skinny Girl; it turns out that all four of us were tourists. Shout out to Evelyn, Sarah, and Katrine! You are superfantastic!

And now, in honor of my London trip, I would like to recommend these beautiful Burberry umbrellas, or “brollies” as they are known in a place like London, where one has such a close relationship with one’s umbrella that one gives it a nickname:

Classic Burberry! 

Modern Burberry!

December 19, 2007

Reminder: D.C. Face-to-Face tonight at the Hay Adams!

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Still haven’t decided whether you want to come? What are you waiting for?! Come as you are and have a cocktail with your Big Girl pals!  5:30 – 7:30 in the Off the Record Bar at the Hay Adams Hotel, 16th and H Street, across from the White House. I’ll be in sequins, come up and see me some time.


Face to Face in Washington, D.C. tonight, Hay-Adams Hotel 5:45 p.m.

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All I can say is that y’all D.C. girls better bring your A game (see? see how it sounds like I know about sports?) because if I’d been wearing socks, your southern sisters would have rocked them right off. It was a blast, of course, but more importantly it was an honor to get to meet such wonderful gals.

Now I’ve got to book it to the Hay Adams and get ready for the next one!

Here are the deets:

Where: Off the Record Bar in the Hay-Adams Hotel
16th & H Street, across from the White House
When: December 19th, 5:45 p.m.
Look for: The big girl in the black sequined dress.

See y’all soon!


December 18, 2007

Face to Face Tonight at the Jefferson Hotel! 5:30p.m.

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WELL! I just had the loveliest police escort back to the hotel and now I’m pumped for the face to face. Come as you are (but dressing up is so much fun!) and come tip the wrist with Plumcake!

Where: T.J.’s Bar, under the Rotunda (no pun intended) of the Jefferson Hotel

When: 5:30ish, so a fashionable 6:00 p.m.

Ask the maitre d’ for Plumcake, or just look out for the black sequined dress!



December 17, 2007

The Prodigal Plum: On the Road and On the Verge (plus F2F news)

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 No need to slaughter the fatted calf –my calves are fatted enough, thank you– but I have returned! I want to thank the always fragrant Francesca for posting double time on her instruction line in my absence. Friends, I will tell you that this trip has been fraught, FRAUGHT with peril, heartache and woe, not the least of which included getting trailed through the entire state of Arksansas and a good portion of Tennessee by a bemulleted (naturally) trucker with interesting thoughts on how one might go about wooing a woman at 85 miles an hour.

I don’t want to ruin it for you because really you need the full experience to truly appreciate it, but the basics involved quite a lot of honking, weird tongue gestures that would be better suited on an epileptic garter snake and, from what I could see, rubbing of his manly bosoms.

I’m not sure if he was rubbing his manly bosoms in hopes of getting some mirrored response, or bosom rubbing for bosom-rubbing’s sake but the whole effect lacked a certain, shall we say, erotic subtlety and I was glad to be rid of him as I pulled into Nashville.

For all the Nashvillians out there, or people who will be passing through the OTHER music city (Austin, of course, being the One True music city) let me recommend Sperry’s Restaurant in Belle Meade. I’ve never been to such an unusual combination of down-home and upscale, and although it can be a bit crowded with boisterous revelers –at one point there was an old inebriated man charmingly introducing himself to all the pretty young women in the room– I recommend it highly. Try the rack of New Zealand lamb…and well, let me just say had I not been wearing my favorite DVF wrap dress, that lamb would definitely had been the best rack in the room.

Just a reminder that the Richmond Face to Face is tomorrow, December 18th, at the hotel bar of the historic and kick-you-in-the-teeth fabulous Jefferson Hotel. I will try to have a sign set up, but if not, ask for Plumcake or just come find the big girl in the black sequined dress. So! Excited!

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