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November 2, 2007

Audrey Hepburn meets Austin Powers

Filed under: Boots,Friday Fetish — Francesca @ 12:27 pm

Francesca is amused by the “Moon” by J. Renee, which come in wide widths and are 10 percent off right now.

They are fancy but fun. Like Francesca!


Happy Weekend!

xoxo, Francesca

October 12, 2007

Shoes for the Weekend: (literally) strappy boots!

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Francesca is amused by these wide-width suede boots by Type Z, which manage to maintain a veneer of the conservative dress boots while also suggesting an invitation to S+M activities.

These are boots for the bold woman!

Happy shopping and happy weekend. Remember: Do not do anything which Francesca would not do.

As one of Francesca’s friends says, “that leaves me a lot of wiggle room.”


xoxo, Francesca

September 21, 2007

Stuart Weitzman for the Weekend

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So your best gay friend is moving abroad to live with his boyfriend in a very trendy London flat, and has decided to have his last American hurrah at a downtown bar of which you have never heard. You wish to look chic and elegant for your friend, and yet a little bit “on the edge” and daring as the party is, after all, in a bar. What will you wear on your feets?

Perhaps these startingly fresh (in more ways than one) and unforgettable shoes by Stuart Weitzman, whom we love.

Happy shopping and happy weekend!

xoxo, Francesca

September 7, 2007

The Friday Fetish

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Patent leather is having a moment right now and I love it. I will freely admit that my fascination with shiny things is on approximately the same level as an especially simple and possibly transvestite American raccoon, but friends, there is a lot of bad patent leather out there. And by patent leather I mean vinyl, and by vinyl I mean no.

We are Grown Ups. Grown Ups don’t wear vinyl shoes. We have jobs and pay rent and and do all sorts of other Grown Up things that involve accountants and dentists and sometimes a pair of those awkward metal stirrups and a whole lot of it sucks but when we come home we can open our closets and –provided we are not actively employed in the hooking arts– sigh saying “at least I don’t have to wear vinyl shoes” and go about our lives of quiet desperation knowing that if all else fails, we are still beautifully shod.
Plumcake's favorite!

From my personal collection, these beautiful Delman “Bruna”Mary Janes.

The surprisingly affordable Italian Lumiani “Venezia” in olive.

why not green shoes?

…and my number one covet shoe of the season —in which I am not alone— the heart-stopping Prada “Sfumato Mary Jane” which is so beautiful in person I almost licked it.



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