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September 17, 2012

Is It a Shoe? Results!

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Last week we played “Is It a Shoe?” wherein our smart and sassy audience answered the seemingly simple question: “Is It a Shoe?”

The subject of was this, uh, unusual offering from Swedish design company Minimarket.


And while there were more than twenty comments, many of which garnered a chuckle or even a lady-like guffaw, the winner had to be longtime superfantastic reader TeleriB with her suggestion:

It’s a shoe encased in new tri-color carbonite, for all your long-haul preservation needs!

“Worried that the dodgy smuggler sort of moving company you’ve hired won’t take adequate care of your expensive shoe collection? Dip them in our patent-pending tri-color carbonite to fully wrap them in a sturdy protective shell that can survive bangs, scratches, and the freezing vacuum of space.

Call today!”


With the lovely Qbertina getting the award for Best Reference to Outmoded Forms of Transportation with:

“It’s a penny-farthing boat.”


and These Aren’t ChaCha Heels earning the Slightly Overthought Fashion History Medal for:

“It’s a shoe all right. I’m trying to figure out if it’s a Robert Clergerie shoe (cause he does those kinds of wedge soled shoes) paying a weird homage to an early Ferragamo sandal made during the fascist era–and if that’s supposed to have any relevance to the political situation today.

But I wouldn’t wear ‘em.”

Neither would I, ChaCha, neither would I.

September 11, 2012

Is It a Shoe?

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That’s right everybody, it’s time to play the swell new guessing game:

The rules are simple. Look at a sample image and answer:

  • Is it a shoe?
  • If not, what is it?

Ready, let’s play!











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