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April 5, 2011

What Miss Plumcake Is…

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Reading: Tales of the Alhambra by Washington Irving. If Ichabod Crane is all you know of Washington Irving, you’re missing out. Somewhere between the Arabian Nights and a travelogue, this is a fantastic and entirely-too-neglected classic. Plus you can read a chapter or so a night, so it’s handy to have by the bed.

Watching: Juliet of the Spirits. Fellini at his trippiest, it’s not merely a surreal masterpiece from my very favorite director –some would say the female version of 8 1/2— it was and continues to be a hugely influential movie for designers not just for Gianni di Venanzo’s luscious cinematography but for Piero Gherardi’s over-the-top costume confections. Beautiful, strange and surprisingly empowering. It was Galliano before Galliano was. Brilliant.

Hearing: Etta James At Last. Do you not own this album? How do you not own this album? Plus it’s available as a $5 download from Amazon.

Smelling: Inis Or. This actually smells awful on me, but it’s a decent little inexpensive juice if you like fresh but not too sweet aquatic fragrances.

Loving: Proper Vegetables. The Irish, in my limited experience, are not a vegetable loving people. Except when it comes to peas. Then it’s like that Monty Python sketch when they try to order a strawberry tart without so much rat in it. Somewhere, somehow, someone is going to slip you some peas.

Hating: The Stupid Perfect Shoe. ARGH. Why am I not buying new shoes until I’ve worn all my current shoes just once? These are PERFECT AND THEY’RE ON CLEARANCE. ARRRRRRGGHHmhnfndfddghhh

Wanting: Sonia Rykiel Bag. I’m really not a bag girl but I like this one. I basically resent having to carry a bag at all and for the past week I’ve just been using an antebellum sterling silver calling card case. Sure I’ve got the Birkin, which is the size of my car (WHO? WHO needs that much space?!) This would do me juuuust fine.

Buying: Kiyonna Bellini Ballet Wrap. I’ve been loving variations on these for the past few month, wearing one side pinned up with a brooch as a sort of a wrap. Right now I’m liking a sort of more structured, Antwerp Six, look. Long and lean with attention to unusual proportionals.

August 29, 2008

How Do I Hate Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

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I hate my No Buy.  I HATE my No Buy.  I want my No Buy to become incarnate so I can put Nair in its shampoo and spread rumors about it doing unsavory things with then entire water polo team. I want to ask it to prom, and then not show up, or ever better, show up with her best friend who is wearing the same dress and looks totally hotter.

But why do I hate my No Buy? I’m so glad you asked.

I hate my No Buy because I cannot buy these $372 Galliano mules for $149 

Footwear from Our Favorite Funky Little Fashion Troll!

I hate my No Buy because I cannot buy these Bibas with the ever-elusive mid-heel, so I can wear them with black tights come fall.


And I ESPECIALLY hate my No Buy becauseI cannot buy these perfect perfect perfect $500 tango shoes from Martin Margiela on sale for less than $150.

Tango ’til you’re sore!

A word about Yoox pictures. They are not always the prettiest. Most shoes are photographed at a slight angle to look more gracile, while Yoox shoots them straight from the side. Not as flattering, but hey, for $150 Gallianos, I’ll take a little slapdash photography.

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