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December 3, 2010

‘Tis the Season for the Athena Athlete

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Nike Gym Club Bag (how cute is this?!)
Brooks Glycerin 8’s –suggested by superfantastic Athena-class triathlete Kerrie
Camelbak Quick Grip Water Bottle with Chill Jacket
Nike+ Sport Armband for iPhone (I don’t know what I’d do without mine)

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November 30, 2010

‘Tis the Season for the Glamazon

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The Best of Roxy Music
Alaïa Chain-link Leather Sandals
ABS Allen Schwartz Mixed Material Bib
Fassbinder’s The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant

Be sure to check back at the main ‘Tis the Season page to look back on profiles you’ve missed and look forward to ones that are soon to come!

November 29, 2010

‘Tis the Season for the Preppy Girl

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Canterbury of New Zealand Cardigan
Marc by Marc Jacobs Magenta Ozzie Square Lucy Structured Bag
Lacoste Orange Crocodile Watch
Tod’s “Jodie” Patent Leather Loafer Slingbacks

Be sure to check back at the main ‘Tis the Season page to look back on profiles you’ve missed and look forward to ones that are soon to come!

November 19, 2010

Be Casual

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I’ve never really cared that much about Casual Fridays until the World Cup back in July when I developed an affectionate rivalry with one of the publishers who holds extremely wrongthinking views on just about every possible team and, like wrong people everywhere, need to be reminded constantly of their wrongliness.

So Friday quickly became Football Friday, with your pal Plummy showing up in a new bit proper football-related gear every week, mostly just to annoy the Wrongthinking Publisher.

Historically I do not do casualwear. Jeans and t-shirts look sloppy on big girls (don’t argue, they do. Fact.) and since I take my role as Professional Fat Girl extremely seriously, I feel I need to lead by example and fight the sloppy stereotype, so Monday through Thursday, when everyone else at the office is in jeans and shapeless tees, I wear dresses or –if I’ve missed a wax– dark jeans and a cashmere sweater. The problem is, how do you turn something inherently casual like say, this admittedly lurid Barcelona jersey, into A Look?

Go High/Low.

You’ve heard a lot about the concept of High/Low dressing. Mixing inexpensive or casual pieces with luxury or more formal goods is pretty much the first rule in the Advanced Fashion playbook and can be used to great effect when you want to deploy a tee of which you are particularly fond.

For me this generally translates into glamming it up with the accessories, being sure to wear at least one piece of noticeable luxury and a serious bit of shine to balance out a bottom-of-the-table look.

To go high/low with today’s 2009/2010 Barca away jersey I’m wearing:

Lane Bryant dark trouser cut jeans (click images for links)

All Black yellow snakeskin skimmers

Hermés vintage Brandenbourgs in the light blue colorway (get you one! I LOVE this scarf!) tied kerchief-style in my hair.

A pair of big sparkly sky blue vintage earrings. You’ll pry mine off my cold, dead, ears but these from Kendra Scott (who, full disclosure, is in Miss Plumcake’s social circle) would do nicely:

A bit more makeup than I usually wear –this is important when going casual because you don’t have a dress or slick outfit to polish you up– and to top it off, a vintage black and blue brocade tuxedo jacket. Okay, you might not have a collection of dinner jackets just taking up space the way I do, but if you still want to do the womens jackets thing, go for a nice boyfriend-style single button blazer worn casually on top.

So happy Friday and because I’m almost certain the Wrongthinking Publisher will read this, What’s the difference between hot tea and Arsenal? Tea actually has a chance of staying in the cup!

September 14, 2010

DSquared2 Red Snake Peep-Toes for the Tuesday

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Manolo says, it is Tuesday and our darling Miss Plumcake is under the weather, perhaps the Manolo should suggest something to brighten her day…

DSquared High-Heeled Peep-Toe Pumps

And what better way to feel better than with the outrageously high pair of outrageous shoes, such as these reddish snake-skin peep-toe pumps from DSquared2?

If this does not brighten the day, then it is time to summon the men with the defibrillator to give you the little jolt.

August 26, 2010

On the slate for fall

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Fall is here! Fall is here! Well, I mean fall isn’t HERE –although it was a brisk 95 yesterday instead of 107– but it will be fall someday, and that someday will be here soon…ish, and thank be to God and all the heavenly host because I am bored unto 80 proof tears of everything in my closet.

The big color story I’m feeling (GOD I feel like such a jerk for saying that! “Color story I’m feeling” geeze, this is why fashion people should be drowned at birth) is this chilly slate/petrol blue with lots of gray in it.

I just want to coat myself in it from head to toe and feel sophisticated and urbane and sliiiightly jaded in a way that sort of harkens to the cold strength of 80’s and early 90’s European fashion without being too much of a pastiche.

Here are some of my favorites:

Kate Spade Women’s Kamille Pump
.  This color is heaven in satin.

FLY London Women’s Lark Mary Jane Pump
. Kind of funky and Old World cobbler-y. Fun for running around in a pair of jeans and still having a bit of quirky style.

Seychelles Women’s Kiss At Midnight Mary Jane Pump
. I love a good solid MJ for fall and this seems fresher than those boring burgundies everywhere. GOD I’m tired of burgundy and black patent leather.

Martinez Valero Women’s Zoie Pump
. The perfect New Year’s Eve shoe, lighter but still cold.

Samanta Women’s Viv Pump
. Available up to a size 14, it’s surprisingly wearable thanks to the solid banana heel (which still looks killer) boxy toe and hidden platform.

ZiGiny Women’s Preppy Pump
. Fab fish-skin midheel with a nice broad toe box. It’s a neutral, but better.

July 1, 2010

Shoe Month! The Catch Up Finale!

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Oh you thought I’d forgotten about Shoe Month, didn’t you?

Well you were WRONG.

I’ve just been really busy with stuff and I get a little absentminded. I can juuust about show up where I’m supposed to be, but I have no idea who or what is in store for me once I get there. Just another reason why you should always wear cute underwear.

Oh, SPEAKING of underwear, I bought a whole flock of those Avenue Cotton Girl Short Panties last month because a girl can never have too many britches. Yeah. They suck. I mean, I understand a little migration here and there. It’s one of those cruelties of life, like hot married guys. BUT these things aren’t merely migratory, they’re INVASIVE and the less said about them the better. Save yourself the uh, heartache, and skip these.

Right, where were we? Shoes!

So I think I missed three days of Shoe Month, and what better way to end than with Lanvin?

I love Lanvin. Always have and I love Alber Elbaz AT Lanvin (although I’d really like to see what he could do at Chanel, if those Karl retirement rumors are true, which I don’t think they are) and I really love whoever is doing the accessories and shoes, because these Sunbeam” snakeskin pumps on sale at Net a Porter?

Made. Me. Cry.

Honestly, it’s got pretty much everything I love in a couture shoe: neutral snakeskin, almond toe, an ankle strap, an interesting heel AND a little dash of paprika in the form of a hint of bad taste (don’t worry, the gold chain is removable). CRUELLY they’re not in my size, but that’s probably a good thing considering even on sale they’re well over a thousand dollars.

Also making me cry:

These are an absolute bargain at 60% off, and I adore the graceful shape, the 3″ wearability and (bites knuckle) the green heel. Again not in my size, but maybe in yours? I’ll hate you forever, but it’ll be worth it.

Finally we’ve got a pair that is about as close as you’ll get to a comfort shoe in Lanvin. A fuchsia, heeled ballet slipper.

It’s got the same styling you’d see in a traditional elasticated ballet flat, but has a nice solid little midheel. Also? Under $200, and how often to see Lanvin for under $200?

These things would be So. Dang. Useful.

I’m not buying them because I’ve got probably five or six pairs of shoes this exact color, but although they don’t look earth shattering in the first picture, when you see it on the leg it really comes together.

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