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June 2, 2010

Your Weekly Humpletter: VaVaVoom Edition

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Hello my little crescent rolls, how’s every little thing? It’s time once again for your weekly humpletter, highlighting some Plumcake-approved pieces from this week’s sales.

Before I do, let’s have a little chat about the fish shirt, shall we?

Yeah, I wasn’t a fan either, but the thing is, we have like a bazillion (editor’s note: possibly not an actual bazillion) readers and we’re not going to be able to please all of you. Is the fish shirt horrendous? I think so. But clearly Twistie didn’t and there are probably plenty of folks who have yearned their entire lives for a fish shirt just like that one. So you ignore it, resist the temptation to leave ugly comments about the mental state of someone who is providing you a free service, and move merrily along with your glammy little life. Okay? Great. I’m glad we had this little chat.


At the Avenue we’ve got a whole lotta BOGO going on, with the entire store at buy one, get 50% off (excludes clearance).  Use code AV101087.

I’m digging the retro stylings of the ruched side bathing suit (which I’d like better in red, but whaddya gonna do?) and this sexy but sturdy Swiss dot balconette bra, because every girl has got to embrace her inner Betty Grable sometime.

Avenue ruched suitSwiss bra

Jessica London has get your highest price item 30% off using JLE4579

I am enamored of this yellow sheath with a horsebit buckle shoulder detail (which is a nice variation on the overplayed one-shoulder shtick that’s fashiony in the good way without being fashiony in the bad way) and this classic rayon/linen blend dress in luscious colors that is just effortless and breezy and pretty much everything I want in summer dressing.

JL sheathJL linen rayon dress

Over at Lord and Taylor’s (new affiliate, yay!) we’ve got 20% everything, using code SALE.

I’m having a major cream moment, so of course I love the Yves Saint Laurent feel of these wide leg silk pants from Ralph Lauren, which would be perfect paired with a modal tee and maybe a sequined vest or an arm full of bangles for a modern take on evening separates.

Lord and Taylor Ralph Lauren silk pant

(P.S., I hate the way they have these styled. P.P.S., if a single one of you complains about not being able to wear cream silk because you’ll make a mess, so help me I will turn this blog around. If I can eat a plate of pasta with red sauce in a floor length white linen dress, you can go four hours in a pair of cream pants.)

Kiyonna has 20% off any order over $100 and free shipping using code GOODBUY which means these Wear It Until Your Skin Falls Off date dresses would end up running about $150 for both.

Kiyonna Vivienne cinch dressKiyonna Tory cinch dress

Pictured here are the Vivienne and Tory cinch dresses, modeled by Ashley “Too Racktastic For Prime Time” Graham, my favorite plus sized model.

May 26, 2010

Your Weekly Humpletter: Memorial Day Sales

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Welcome to the Humpletter!

The Humpletter is our weekly-as-of-last-week Wednesday sales post. Twistie, having cracked the bottle of champagne over the bow, has returned to her weekend post and will do her own salesthingum on Saturday or Sunday so I’m skippering this salesboat during the week.

So that’s (let me put on my “puke” which is radio-parlance for that really disgusting overly cheerful radio voice normally announcing monster truck rallies) two Two TWO sales roundups a week!

First we’ve got Lane Bryant, who’ve got a ton of things on sale,  up to 40% off.  I particularly like these twill shorts because they have a bit of a flare to them.

Lane Bryant Twill ShortMartha Vickers as Carmen in The Big Sleep

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s shorts with kung-fu fabric deathgrip on my thighs. Plus they remind me a teensy bit of the 1930’s and 40’s sporting shorts –as seen here on Martha Vickers as Carmen in The Big Sleep— without being frilly or costumey.

Cacique has all Cacique bras buy one get one half off. Of course I must recommend my All Time Favorite Bra (also known as my “What seems to be the problem, officer?” bra)

Plumcake's favorite bra!lace boyshort

They also have all fashion panties 5 for $29. I love these lace jobbers because they’re dead comfy and sexy enough for visitors. Whenever I entertain a new gentleman caller I get all new lingerie because, well, I don’t reuse wrapping paper for gifts of any variety.

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