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Manolo for the Big Girl | Fashion, Lifestyle, and Humor for the Plus Sized Woman.

Love is in the air!

Francesca has received invitations to not one but two weddings in the next few weeks!

What will she wear?

Perhaps this glitter sheath, an attractive alternative to the Little Black Dress. Francesca is tired of wearing black! And see how the jacket hides the lumpy-squishies?

Perhaps in this outfit Francesca will meet the handsome friend-of-the-groom, and he will see that her personality sparkles even more dazzlingly than the dress and jacket,  and he will spend the next three days thinking of nothing and no one but Francesca, while Francesca goes on her merry way, not thinking about him at all, not even once, because Francesca is busy glittering and dazzling. And then, overcome by his yearning for Francesca, the charming friend-of-the-groom will call his friend, the groom, interrupting him on his honeymoon, and say “I must have the phone number of Francesca!” And he will call me, and I will say “who is this? Oh, yes, yes, of course I remember you.” And then the friend-of-the-groom will take Francesca out on a dinner date, to which she might wear this:


And then they will get married and have babies and live happily ever after.

Happy shopping!

xoxo, Francesca

You Red Me Correctly

Through tomorrow, there is a big sale at Torrid.com!

Francesca wishes to remind you that Big Girls do not always have to wear black. It is summer! Color yourself happy!

Torrid.com is a good site for Big Girls of high school and college years, or working women who seek casual clothes for the weekends. But no matter your age, you can’t beat the look and price of this very cute all-cotton flounce skirt, on sale for only $14!


If you really like red, you could also get this cotton and spandex straight skirt, decorated with cherries, which would look great with a white crochet top and white slingbacks for a fabulous summer office look:

And now that we have segued to cherries, you could change out of that skirt and head to an evening out in this cotton and spandex dress, also decorated with one of my favorite fruits (but NOT a fruity style!), on sale for under $26!

Happy shopping!

xoxo, Francesca

The Big Question


Plumcake and Francesca want to know:

What are you going to do to be fabulous this weekend?
Leave your answer in the comments or link to your blog. On Monday, we will select our favorite response and post it as the first blog ‘o the morning!

For a little inspiration, why not download Auntie Mame? Plumcake watched it just last night. It’s one of her favorite movies!

Auntie Mame!


A tip for August

Francesca says: Take your moisturizer, the one you use every day in conjunction with sunscreen, and keep it in the refrigerator all summer. When you put it on each day it will feel cold and refreshing.

Here is a pink, pretty, moisturizer I love, in an Apple Lavender scent. It feels so nice coming out of the fridge and smells heavenly!

xoxo, Francesca


I know what you’re thinking. Jackets? In August? Plumcake must be all hopped up on the goofballs, typing with one hand while the other injects some sort of illicit substance into her lovely eyeball. But no, my suspicious internet friends, it is not so. Plumcake is a good girl, and does not go in for that sort of shenannygoats. I have seen Reefer Madness. I know what happens.

Newport News is offering three unusual and lovely jackets for the unusual and lovely girl at very reasonable prices.

Edwardian Jacket

First, a lovely velvet blazer with a hook-and-eye closure guaranteed to make your waist look teeny tiny. Very Katherine Hepburn meets Tsar Nicholas: Emperor and Autocrat of All The Russias. Don’t get too gimmicky with this one –please, no ruffled collars and cuffs– but if you just happen to have a riding crop well…who doesn’t love a well-accesorized girl?

Also for the elegant equestrienne, at 30% off:

(again I beg you, no stupid ruffled cuffs)

The NN folks also have a scrummy swing jacket perfect for the long leather gloves that will be everywhere through the colder months and you will not believe the price.

I’d love this with jeans and a say-something bib necklace or over a little black dress with a big bangle bracelet.

Real Life Woes of Plus Size Models

Very funny, guys…

Seriously, stealing my clothes while I was in the tub, hilarious, I mean it. Now hurry up and take the picture, the suckers on the other side of this bathmat are beginning to bruise.

Queen of Fattitude

Oy Vey!

Someone – I don’t remember who—has borrowed my precious copy of Camryn Manheim’s hilarious and inspiring memoir, Wake Up, I’m Fat!

I must purchase a new copy so that I can refer to it and quote from it and share with you, my Big Sisters, the wisdom of this talented and beautiful actress.

I suggest that you, too, purchase a copy. Read it. Learn it. Live it. It is the Fat Girl’s Bible.

And while you are waiting for your very own copy to arrive, you can admire this crochet tunic sweater and Irish Linen skirt, both available in Womens and Womens Petite sizes at Talbots.com at well over 50% off!

Happy shopping and happy reading!

xoxo, Francesca