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No. Freakin’. WAY.

You will NEVER believe who designed these super-sexy pumps.

No Freakin’ WAY

Thanks to superfantastic Style Spy for spotting these!

Plumcake’s Secrets of Fabulousness: Walk Right this Way

I don’t French kiss inanimate objects, it’s just a personal policy. Sure I might get a little snuggly with some flats at a traffic light, and okay if there’s a guy you know who’s in a coma but has a hospital wing named after his family, let me know, but otherwise the rule remains: no pulse, no pucker. That’s just the way I roll.

That being said, I totally want to kiss these things with tongues, and so should you.

The Footpetals “Stiletto Survival Kit” is a revelation and quite possibly the only reason I don’t fall face-first onto asphalt more often than I do (which is to say, more than once a day). I’ve used just about every insert on the planet and these are by far the best.

I don’t know how they do it, but I suspect it involves human sacrifice and harvesting unicorn horns at midnight, and you know what? I am totally okay with that. Well, not the human sacrifice because y’all know how I’d hate to see our readership go down, but seriously, what was the last thing a unicorn ever did for you?

I’m just sayin’.

Typically they’re 49.95 and worth every penny, but they are on super sale at www.footpetals.com. Bonus: use coupon code FPVIP207 and get an additional 20% off your order!

A shoe for waning summer days

If paired with an exceedingly simple white summer dress, these Shannon Britt sandals pay homage to summer so prettily, without quite crossing the line to ridiculous. And they are 30% off!

Although not available in wide widths, they do run through size 12.

Simplicity of the dress is paramount!

Remember to put on a spritz of floral perfume!

xoxo, Francesca

Tuesday Morning Miracle!

See? SEE? THIS is the sort of good thing that can happen to a girl if she lives virtuously. The shoe gods reward her by giving her beautiful flats that fit her fatly feet!

Last week I ordered a pair of Delman flats. It was my first experience with the legendary American house who most notably made the white sandals sported by one Miss Marilyn Monroe in her famous flying skirt shot, figuring I’d get them home and have to stretch them out on my shoe forms.

BUT NO! Their 11M fit my typically 11W (sometimes 12W) feet beautifully, the leatherwork is even prettier than the pictures and it is distinctly possible that I got seriously busted at a traffic light when a family in a RAV4 caught me rubbing my cheek against the smooth, unworn leather sole, caressing it lovingly and perhaps aiming some baby talk in its direction (who’s mama’s little miracle flat? Is it you? Is it you? Res rit ris! Res ru are mama’s wittle miracle flat!)
Ahem. Perhaps I have shared too much.

Delman's Engage! It's a miracle.

Plumcake specifically recommends the “Engage” flat whose buttery leather upper would lend a luxe finish to your casual weekend wear. Even better, these and other Delmans are on sale at Endless.com for more than 50% off the regular price, a savings of over $175!

Skin Deep is deep enough!

Now that you have the perfect bra, or plans to get one, it is time to think about skin.

Ladies, please wear sunscreen on your face, hands, and arms every day, rain or shine, winter and summer, to prevent wrinkles, spots, and cancer.

 For over a decade I have used Oil of Olay Complete All Day UV Defense Moisterizer every day, under my foundation and on my arms, hands, neck, collarbone, and sometimes my feet.

It is the only moisturizer I’ve tried that has sunscreen and doesn’t feel oily and doesn’t make me break out.  And I can report with a little bit of vanity that I consistently receive compliments on my clear, soft skin. Now, you, too, have the secret.

But of course you are free to use whatever sunscreen/moisturizer combination works for you. The important thing is to use it.

 Moisterizer. Sunscreen.  And remove your makeup before going to sleep!

Francesca hath spoken.

Manolo for the Brides for the Big Girls

Look! In honor of the launch of our Big Girls blog, the Manolo for the Brides site created a post with pictures of beautiful wedding dresses for plus-size brides! Go see!

Here is just one of the pretty dresses:

Thank you to the blogger, Never teh Bride, for celebrating our Big Girl blog and Big Girl bridal needs.

L’amour Est Bleu

Plumcake does not, as a rule, audibly gasp. A Southern Lady of Breeding –no acronym please– would simply dah rather than let on that whatever she just witnessed was not the exact and most appropriate thing that could have possibly been done in polite society.

For example, when Aunt Merriweather finds Uncle Shorty passed out in the croquet court with a giant hickey on his face, an unfortunate side effect of sucking all the air out of his julep cup and attaching it to his chin in order to add realism to his Pharaoh impersonation, she simply dusts him off, fetches him an aspirin and casually remarks to the gathering crowd that Uncle Shorty always did love his ancient history.

Yet, when at the behest of the fantastic Francesca, I visited igigi.com and came across this little jewel I could not help but gasp. This dress –the Beatrice in cobalt—is flawless. The bateau neck is so flattering, as is the cut of the skirt and the 3/4 length sleeves.


It’s very melon and prosciutto on granddaddy’s yacht. Not that I ever got any of the melon or prosciutto NO I was a kid and had to have Coca Cola and corn nuts instead. Corn nuts! Not that I’m bitter.

The black is beautiful, but if you happen to have flowing raven tresses and creamy porcelain skin like the model (and like Plumcake herself, who most closely resembles Snow White on a carb bender) do yourself a favor and pick up the cobalt.