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January 5, 2010

Twenty Ten Fashion

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What the H-E-Double swizzle sticks is going on here? Because yesterday’s post was an earlier draft and I spent HOURS writing a totally inspiring edit that had pretty much nothing to do with that one and it disappeared like a senator after an intern’s pregnancy test.

Anyhoodle, it’s Tuesday which means I really ought to do one of those “What Plumcake Is” things, but I’m not going to because I’ve pretty much been in a Christmas coma for the past 11 days. Basically the twelve days of Christmas find me in a sort of perma-stupor, all hopped up on Mr Kipling’s “exceedingly jolly” miniature mince pies and bad champagne, which has been magically turned into GOOD champagne by the cunning addition of Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur:

So culturally speaking, I’m pretty useless until Twelfth Night which is one of my favorite feast days because I get to wear jewelry on my head and there is mandatory cake. I LOVE mandatory cake. Do you know what I also love? Booze Emotionally unavailable men with hot accents having a really good lawyer Pretty much all of Kiyonna’s dresses right now, which are all an additional 20% off until midnight tonight if you use the code RESOLUTION.

Here are some of my favorites.

Can I tell you how much I’m loving this? It’s so Studio 54. Not in a Liza or a Bianca way –although if any of you say a harsh word against either of them I will Ban You Forever– but sort of in a Marisa Berenson, sleeping with a Rothschild/wearing Grandma Schiaparelli’s old furs  continental chic way.  Plus I love the way they styled this model.

Also, how glad am I that the early 90’s are back? Back when models were models and Gianni was the only Versace that mattered (oh wait, he still is).

I love the full-on Cindy/Naomi/Christy/Linda supermodel look, and I’m hoping this lush look will bring more voluptuous models back to the catwalk because the skeletal waifs who do bizarre and other-worldly so well don’t do the glamazon thing any justice.

In a continuing theme of cat, check out this purple leopard print wrap dress:

CLEARLY not for the shy, this wrap dress is a sign that the colored animal print brought famously to the forefront with Lanvin SS09 –as notoriously sported by Maggie Gyllenhaal– can be done at a boutique level without looking like a hot mess.

Maggie Lanvin1

although I don’t believe for a SECOND that MyBoyfriendAlberElbaz didn’t have another leading lady in mind when he designed a one-sleeve blue leopard gown:
Female Trouble
Love. Her.

On a more conservative note, you know how I’m always yammering on about getting investment pieces that look amazing and you can wear to work/dinner/theater for three seasons if not all four?
THIS is what I’m talking about. In fact, if I didn’t have two blue dresses in almost this exact cut, I’d buy this up with a quickness. They’re also DEAD easy to dress up –think Big Jewelry- or down –flats and my own personal trick, an Hermès foulard tied kerchief-style in your hair– get it in both blue and merlot. You won’t regret it.

Finally my favorite guaranteed-to-look-good-on-everybody pick:
flaunt front
flaunt back

The “Flaunt” dress.

I. Love. This. Dress. I love that it’s simple enough for it to be one of those things you just throw on but the back is sexy without even a hint of skank. Now, I’m not one of those people who thinks “princess seams” are for apples, because they’re just not. Pretending you have a waist will not make it so. The key to dressing an apple shape is neckline neckline neckline. The particularly wide square one on the Flaunt is perfect for our apple tarts, while the a-line shape does lovely things for our pear-shaped jewels.

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