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December 22, 2012

After Plumcake

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But the party’s just starting at

See you there! –Miss Plumcake

December 10, 2012

And just so you will know…

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I don’t remember much about 2007, the year that Manolo for the Big Girl opened its virtual gates, so I certainly don’t recall what I wrote in my application to be one of two fearsome editrixes for The Manolo’s new plus-size project. I do remember my entry was late since a friend sent me the cattle call (as it were) week after the deadline passed. I also remember (spoiler alert) that I got it.

On my first entry I wrote:

The great thing about being the biggest gal in the room is that you can be the BIGGEST gal in the room: the fiercest, the most fabulous, the most confident. With a big attitude you can work looks that would overwhelm our slender sisters and make drag queens want to pull your hair from sheer glam envy.

Now as Manolo for the Big Girl, along with the rest of the Manolosphere, prepares to hang up our heels and close shop forever, I stand by that statement.

When I got the news on Friday, I was too jetlagged to say anything but “well, it was a good run.”

And it was, but it was also something else.

It was the chance to be the voice I wish I’d had when I was but a young fatling, trying to eke out an ounce of self-confidence, and a drop of glamor in an unfriendly world.

I thank you for that. I thank you for every comment (well, almost every comment) every email, every linkback and “you’ve gotta read this” message.

Most of all I thank you for the community. MftBG wasn’t a pretty blog, it didn’t fit nicely into any one category. I was never interested in being part of some fat blog clique or kowtowing to advertisers, but you stuck with me, with one of the smartest, funniest comments sections I’ve had the pleasure to read.

So what to do now?

Well, I don’t know about the rest of the gang, but I’m going to keep working on my book, enjoying life in Mexico and because old habits die hard, writing at my new blog, After Plumcake.

It won’t be the same as the big girl blog, there comes a time when even I have run out of things to say about pretty shoes and being fat, but it will have some of the same flavor, plus a broader range of topics, possibly shirtless footballers and if the past two days are any indication, way more f-bombs.

I hope you’ll join me there.

November 13, 2012

No country for old swimming men

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Oh Gang, I feel like I’m doing you wrong. I’ve been a little slack on the posting since I’ve been in DC and this week Hot Latin Boy and I are heading to Europe, for which we have done exactly no planning. Since we’ll be in Barcelona and Rome, our conversation went a little like this:

Hey, we’re going to Spain and Italy. We speak Spanish, right?


Does one of us speak Italian?

I can say “No, the old men are not swimming.” Considering there will probably be a lot of old men around not swimming, that will definitely come in handy.

Great. Looks like we’re set.


And that’s about it. Since we’re doing a combination of pleasure traveling, business meetings and scouting locations for our next humble abode once we decide to leave Mexico, we try to stick to living like locals do, even on a very short trip. It’s never served me wrong, and I don’t come home with all those same boring photos of standing in front of whatever historic landmark every other tourist feels obliged to take.

So what’s your favorite travel tip or quirk? I’m going to be thin on the ground this week, but I’ll try to post a bit more regularly and of course I’m moderating comments and answering queries here and at Manolo’s Shoeblog.

October 29, 2012

It’s that time again!

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Well, it’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means: Miss Plumcake’s annual plea for you not to dress like you’re the Ambassador from Skanktasia on Halloween.

This isn’t slut shaming. If you want to dress like a Naughty Seasonal Non-CPA-Certified Tax Preparer, that’s fine by me, just do it on some other random day of the year. I’ve heard the weather’s nice on Arbor Day. Wear your three dollar lurex fishnets and speculum-length mini then. At least that takes courage.

The always-topical Manolo sensibly agrees.

And the women from Emotistyle (featuring Tim Gunn) tell you how to do it right.

October 23, 2012

Open Forum Tuesday!

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I know, I know. I’ve been a bad and neglectful blogger. The whys and wherefores are tedious, but only half as tedious as it would be to explain them. Basically I’m overtired, thirsty and covered in glitter which was acceptable back in 2000 when I’m pretty sure I expressed glitter through my pores, but now is irritating in both the literal and figurative sense.

None of that excuses my absence though, so to make it up to you, I declare an open forum Tuesday. You know the rules: ask any question you like for the next 48 hours and I will do my level best to answer it in the comments. No subject is off limits (within reason), so speak now or forever hold your peas.

No seriously, hold your peas. I slipped last time and still have a green stain on my jeans.

October 3, 2012

Read this!

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Okay gang, this is a quickie because the electricity has been fickle around Plumcake Cottage for the past few days.

So, before the brown out returns, read this excellent article on how to spot shoddy craftsmanship, and how certain shortcuts save the manufacturer money by taking it out on you.

September 6, 2012

Green Suede shoes

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Hidy ho gang! Poor Hot Latin Boy is suffering from the man flu, which naturally means I’m suffering while HLB is passed out on my special homemade Anglican Stew (three fingers of Laphroaig, followed by two benadryl and a bottle of water). Still, the show must go on, so pop over to Manolo’s Shoe Blog to see four of my favorite shoes of the season, plus learn how to properly clean suede from the guys who know.

 Oops, link fixed! Thanks everyone.

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